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Classic Show Jumps

Stacking Feed Bin

Stacking Feed Bin

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The Classic Show Jump's 20 L Stacking Feed Bin is manufactured from tough, 100% food grade medium density polyethene. It won’t degrade, crack or split even in cold temperatures.

Stacks nicely with or without lids.

Stackable rim on each bowl makes them easy to carry and ideal for feeding a number of horses or for leaving food ready-made up for next feed.


Available in Navy, Orange, Green and Purple.

Diameter: 43.5cm / Height: 18cm / Weight 2.5KG

About Classic Show Jumps:

We are thrilled to be the exclusive North American retailer of Classic Show Jumps products.

Classic is a family-run business operating out of England. Their focus is on creating colourful, practical and durable equine products for stable owners, riders and jumpers of all levels.

Their rotationally moulded products are ultra tough, versatile and easy to clean!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Janice Godkin

A bit to big & cumbersome

Thanks for the feedback, Janice! They definitely ARE substantial. It's good for people with horses that are hard on things, but a little overkill for the gentler types. I've put in a request with the manufacturer for a smaller version, but so far it's not an option. Thanks for the feedback and fingers crossed for a smaller version in the future!

Kristi Hansen
5 Gold Stars for my Stacking Feed Bins!

I don't like these, I LOVE them. My giant young curious boy can crack and crush and ruin things in no time. But somehow these have remained unscathed for almost one full year! I was sceptical at first but now am sold. Money very well spent 👊🏽

Now THAT is something!!!! Thank you for taking the time to review!

I was likewise skeptical, but my mare kicks her dish + steps into it (when I don't mix up her mash quite as she likes it. I'm 15 months in and my bowls are still going strong!

Thanks again Kristi!