Save on Shipping

Save on Shipping

I think that purchasing equestrian arena equipment should be efficient + cost effective. That's why I:

  • Integrated a cost-effective shipping platform with automatic shipping calculations + amazing rates
  • Research and stock products that are efficient to ship
  • Ship directly from our Canadian Farm to yours
  • Offer free shipping whenever possible

****For residents of British Columbia / Alberta****

Local couriers may be a good option for BC and AB residents placing larger orders. They don't have fancy web integration or tracking tools, but are a cost effective. Just reach out with your order details and address for a complete quote!

 So... I've done my part to reduce costs, so here are a three ways you can save!


Did you know that a key factor in shipping cost relates directly to the receiver's distance from a main centre?

While it may be simplest to have your equipment delivered directly to you barn or ranch, consider a more central delivery location if the delivery rate is higher than you'd like.

The best part? You can try an alternate address in our automatic calculating tool and see what works best!


Try consolidating your orders into larger ones when possible. Large volume shipments typically saves money, but... you may not see the difference when checking out. 

Why? Auto shipping systems don't always perfectly calculate the differences on larger volumes, BUT I'M GOOD AT IT!

I pack carefully, then input the package dimensions and total weights when I purchase the shipping labels. Then, I take a look at our cost and compare it to what you paid. 

If there is a noticeable discrepancy, I refund the difference! Simple. 


If there is one thing I know, it's poles... and that national shippers don't "like" them!

Any single item exceeding 8 feet in length is considered "freight" and subject to an automatic pallet charge. (Roughly $800 at last check). They do transport 8' long items, but they are still subject to higher rates for the same weight / volume as shorter packages.

In other words, if going shorter won't negatively effect your training goals, consider going shorter to save money. (We now have 4' and 5' long wood poles available and by request!)

I hope you find these tips helpful!

As always, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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