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Copper Pony Poles

Poles - Zero Maintenance, 2 meters long - set of 3

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Traditional in appearance and feel, but won't shatter, rot or require repainting!

These zero maintenance poles from Jump 4 Joy are currently available in a few select colour combinations.

They are 2 meters long, 4" / 100mm in diameter and weigh 5kg.

Like Jump 4 Joy Wavy Planks, the Jump 4 Joy Zero Maintenance Poles are wood filled, providing the rigidity and feel of wood, without the maintenance.

Price includes 3, 2M long poles in colour of choice.


1.8M, 2M, 3M and 3.5M length in either 100mm round or octagonal and available in either light, middle, heavy or very heavy weight. Available in a very large range of patterns and colours!


Jump 4 Joy equipment is handmade in England. Their products are made from the highest quality polypropylene, extruded on site at the factory, using specially formulated polymer, and the best UV inhibitors and colour stabilizers available. This means the colours will not fade and the plastic will not degrade or become brittle.

Comprising the strongest engineering grade plastics, along with the latest fusion technology they apply when making the jumps - with no exposed wood to rot, splinter or repaint and no metal to rust, dent or sheer –  you will not find stronger or longer lasting jumps. For this reason their products are backed with an unrivalled 5 year guarantee. You will not find better value for your money when purchasing jumps.

The polypropylene used is also fully recyclable where facilities exist.