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Copper Pony Poles

Polework Kit (4' Wood Poles)

Polework Kit (4' Wood Poles)

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Our pole work kits makes setting your polework patterns easy and fun!

Copper Pony Poles are light easy to move around and these 4' poles are ideal for ground and raised pole exercises and practicing skinnies.

Stackaletti is a set of 6 pole raisers that can be used in a variety of ways. With one block, the pole can rest at 3 1/2", 7" or 8" and they can be securely stacked to create a small cavaletti jump too!


  • SIX 4' FT, 3.15" diameter poles 
  • SIX Stackaletti blocks.

THIS MONTH ONLY, these jumps ship FREE across Canada!

(Free Shipping is available only to locations served by major national carriers and cannot be shipped by Canada Post to PO boxes)

Pole Specifications

We carefully prepare the surface and use the best primer and paint available for maximum durability.

  • 4 FT / 48" Length
  • 3.15" Diameter
  • Lightweight (approx 12-14lbs each)
  • Made with responsibly sourced lumber*
  • Handmade on Vancouver Island, BC 

  •  Sustainability:

    *Our wood rail supplier meets the standards for the Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification (PEFC). The PEFC standard ensures that the wood is sourced from a sustainably managed forest. Independent, accredited certification bodies audit the mill at least annually to ensure the systems and processes comply with the PEFC Chain of Custody Standards. 


    For maximum longevity, please store your poles off the ground in a covered / dry space (especially during extreme temperatures). 

    *Please note that wood poles are not perfectly stable and some may split slightly with  environmental fluctuations such as humidity and temperature. 

    (*Free Shipping is available only to Canadian locations served by major national carriers and cannot be shipped by Canada Post or to PO boxes).

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